Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kentucky - 2009 - Ironman - Day 1

Greetings from KY! Ok so that is not quite as exciting as "Aloha" but it's an Ironman all the same. Leigh and I arrived yesterday afternoon and Rob (Leigh's husband, the saint that he is) picked us up after driving the 5th wheel 20 hrs from FL. We went straight to registration and got our official "bracelets" and race packets and of course spent some money in the Ironman store. It's amazing how much Ironman stuff that is available, and even more amazing how much triathletes are willing to spend!. I even saw "Ironman dog biscuits!" The race starts and ends in downtown Louisville so the host hotel is also in downtown Louisville. I am not much of a city person and I am very directionally challenged so I am quite thankful to have Leigh and Rob in charge of the driving. Anyway some of you may not find this story funny but it had me laughing most of the day. As we were walking from the registration to a cafe yesterday, we walked by 2 young women sitting on the curb (they were unfortunately very overweight) and just as we walked by, one of them leaned over and let out the loudest fart! (sorry can't think of a nice way to say that!) It was so unexpected that Leigh and I looked at each other in disbelief and just started cracking up as soon as we got past them. So now we have been exposed to the "farting locals!" Hopefully this is not indicative of the rest of the population in Louisville. I grew up with 2 younger brothers so those kinds of things are always funny to me. I apologize if I grossed any of you out with that story.

We then proceeded to walmart ( we are lacking in store options) after lunch to get some groceries and got stuck there for an hour due to a torrential downpour. People watching in walmart is always interesting so we entertained ourselves by looking at interesting products and watching random people. Rob and I got a kick out of this particular brand of snack foods. The were called "bimbolitas" (I was a spanish major and I have no idea what that word is but they are a "sweet pastry" with a creme filling apparently) and for a mere 89 cents you can consume 500 calories in one serving of bimbolitas! It is sad that it is so cheap to eat unhealthy. Sorry this blog is a little on the lame side and full of useless information, but as of right now, there isn't anything overly exciting to talk about.

The KOA (RV park) we are staying in is not exactly scenic but it's only a couple miles from the race start so that is at least convenient. In fact, it resembles a parking lot to be honest and as Rob pointed out, the nicest trees are next to the dumpster. Oh well, hopefully we well see some scenery later today. Anyway, the weather is a bit uncertain for the race on Sunday. Ironman Louisville is considered to be one of the "hottest" races on the Ironman circuit and typically high 90's is the norm for this race. But wouldn't you know it, there is a freak cool front on it's way and it looks like race morning could be in the low 50's with a high of 71. So for the Florida girls, that is a little on the cold side and I am a little unsure of what clothing to wear. That is the way Ironman goes though, a lot of uncertainty and you just have to be prepared to make adjustments. Today we will probably go for a short swim in the lovely Ohio river and perhaps go for a short easy bike ride once we get out of the industrial area. So far this is not what I thought Kentucky would look like...............I am hoping that the bike ride will bring on the horse country and green grasses rather than the industrial eye sore.

Tonight is the welcome banquet where all the athletes will be in the same location for the token pasta dinner and a nice presentation. Usually footage from past races is shown and it's a great way to get everyone really pumped up about the race. The reality kind of sets in though about what you are about to ask of your body and it can be a bit overwhelming. Ironically this will be my 8th Iron distance triathlon, and yet that same fear in the pit of my stomach is there every time I think about tackling such a long day.

I hope to have more to talk about in the next blog than farting locals!

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